Having a healthy breakfast every morning helps maintain nutritional balance throughout the day, as well as preventing the risk of suffering from obesity and overweight problems. It is supported by numerous nutritional studies carried out to date and, for that reason, the experts insist on the importance of taking care of this food.


1. It helps to conserve muscle mass

With age,” explain the nutritionists, “we tend to lose muscle mass (sarcopenia), which leads to bone and joint complications, lower caloric expenditure and increased body fat. In this sense, the experts insist that starting the day with a good breakfast is essential for the care of the musculature, since this way “we endow the muscle with energy from the first hours of the day”, something specially necessary in the case of the people who practice sport or realize any type of physical activity throughout the day. “If the practice of exercise is not combined with an adequate diet, it can cause loss of muscle tissue, with all its consequences, and affect performance,” warn the nutritionists.

2. Keeps our metabolism active, preventing the accumulation of fat

Breaking the false myths that not eating breakfast helps you lose weight faster, nutritionists emphasize that fasting causes our body to go into so-called ‘economy mode’ and begin to accumulate calories in the face of nutrient shortages.

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3. Encourages healthy eating for the rest of the day

The fact of not eating breakfast is associated with a greater caloric intake, because we arrive at the next meal with more hunger, which will cause us to make a less healthy choice of food and to eat in a more compulsive way”, warn the experts. For this reason, nutritionists emphasize the importance of seeing breakfast as a “satiating ally” in our food routine. “Making a healthy breakfast every day is one of the best tools to manage our appetite in a healthy way the rest of the day”, they highlight.

4. Improves performance and concentration

In fact, according to experts, omitting this food has a series of negative repercussions for the body. “Not eating breakfast makes our blood glucose levels drop (hypoglycemia),” they explain. And, in the face of this situation, the body seeks alternative energy sources that lead to a situation of ketosis, a metabolic state that is accompanied by symptoms such as headache, dizziness or weakness.

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Everything for a healthy breakfast
To avoid this, experts recommend dedicating between 15 and 30 minutes to this meal each day and knowing how to choose the right foods that make up our daily breakfasts.

“The important thing,” says Marta Gamez, “is to be aware that industrial bakery is not a healthy choice for our daily breakfast, but foods such as fruit, yogurt, milk or vegetable drinks are, and are recommended. Other options suggested by nutritionists for this meal are seed bread, natural tomato, fresh cheese or turkey breast cold cuts.

Thus, they specify: “A standard full breakfast would be one that includes a source of slowly assimilated carbohydrates (muesli, whole wheat seed bread, oatmeal), fruit (the piece of fruit is preferable to the juice), and a source of low-fat protein (turkey breast, fresh cheese or yogurt).

Variety is necessary to avoid losing motivation
Variety is another key to ensure that this food does not become ‘tedious’ after a few days and, consequently, ends up being suppressed. “One of the basic pillars of healthy eating is variety. The more different foods we consume, the more variety of nutrients we will be ingesting and the more we will reduce, therefore, the risk of nutritional deficiencies”, indicates this dietician, who recommends to devise different proposals once a week, in order not to get bored and to do without this food.

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